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L. Bryan Williams, Ph.D.

Social and Bio Ethicist
Past President, Wesleyan Philosophical Society


McCall College
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Previous Position

Associate Professor of Ethics and Religion
Warner Pacific College
Portland, ID



Ph.D. (Religion and Social Ethics) University of Southern California
M.A. (Religion and Social Ethics) USC
M.A. in Theology (Biblical Studies and Theology) Fuller Theological Seminary

Academic Interests
Professor Williams focuses on providing practical responses to social turmoil. Prof. Williams' dissertation responded to the concern over health care reform and the loss of the church's voice in the reform models. His writing and research has sought ways to integrate the intractible problems of our society. His training in religion, ethics, and the sciences allows him to assist others in understanding and integrating these often divergent fields.

Peer-reviewed Paper
Wesleyan Philosophical Society
"Loving 'Nonperfectly' to Love Perfectly: The Moral Energy that Arises from Paradox"

Wesleyan Theological Society
Identity Markers and Moral Action: Using Exemplars of Reconciliation Failures to Assist in the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Oxford Round Table Conference
"The Role of Paradox: Abraham’s Religious Idea for Peace in the Battle of Ideas " (Password required. Contact Prof. Williams)

How should a Christian be involved in health care?
"Religious-based Managed Care :
A Wesleyan Paradigm for Reforming Health Care"

(Password required. Contact Prof. Williams)

How should a Christian respond to the idea of the Right-to-die?
"A Wesleyan Response to the “Post-Modern” Demand for Autonomy & The Right-to-Die"

How does the American Christian change their society?
"Radical Moderation: The Christian Home
A New Social and Economic Ethic"

How should a Christian respond to the values of the media?
"The Evangelical Church v. Disney:
Developing a Christian Ethic of Corporate Resistance"

Immutability: Does God Change?
"The Immutability of God: A Reevaluation"

Who are the Healers in Society?
"Healers as Agents of Social and Moral Change"

What is the Relationship between Money and the Christian?
"From Poverty to Prosperity: An Analysis of Money and the Christian"

Guest Lecturer Topics
Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Christian
Integrity in the Pastorate and Laity
Enhancing the Call to Ministry
Holiness in the 21st Century

Character Development for the Next Generation
Social Threats to the Pastorate in the 21st Century
Introductions to the Religions of the World

Bonhoeffer's Theology and Ethic

Past Lectures
Western Regional Ministerial Assembly
"Encouraging God's Call to Ministry (In You and Others) "

Curriculum Vitae


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